We’ve all been there, everything in your life feels like it is going downhill and you have no control at all. We all go through times like these throughout our lives and just like yourself, I was once too going through dark days.

Life is HARD, there’s no doubt about it. Every day we come across situations and decisions that can make or break us, and the stress builds up pretty quick at times; sometimes too quickly. For me, I was at bad point in my life where I just graduated from college (woohoo!) and had to face reality: WHAT DO I DO WITH MY LIFE NOW?!

I got very depressed over months of having no job, wasting my days away, and being fu*ked up mentally. I was always doubting myself, putting myself into bad moods, and could NEVER stay happy….. UNTIL I read this book.

This book changed my life and I mean it. I have read more “self-help” books and motivational ebooks than I can even remember, but I can also say I barely remember any information from those books/ebooks. The ONLY book that sticks in my head and has made a huge impact on my thinking/lifestyle is this book. I HIGHLY recommend picking up a copy for a such a small cost. A little over 11$ can change your life and I’m serious…. it was the best 11$ I have ever spent in my entire life.



*From the Back Cover

Wake up. You’re a fu*king miracle of being.

What’s standing in the way of you living your best life? Most people would reference things like relationships with other people, money, their job, or unfortunate circumstances. None of these explanations make any difference. Through decades of working with people as a personal development coach, Gary John Bishop has discovered that the barrier is one thing only: you. If you’re easily offended, stop reading now. This isn’t the book for you.

But if you’re looking for a book that gives you the power to find everything you ever wanted residing within you like a well of potential, waiting to be expressed, you’re in luck. Unfu*k Yourself is the handbook for the resigned and defeated, a manifesto for real life change and unleashing your own greatness.

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