My Life with ADD/ADHD

I have been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD at the age of 20. If you are not familiar with these terms, I am referring to Attention deficit Disorder. Attention Deficit Disorder is a complex condition with two distinct presentations, both of which are officially known as ADHD.

ADD– the term commonly used to describe symptoms of inattention, distractibility, and poor working memory.

ADHD– the terms used to describe additional symptoms of hyperactivity and impulsivity.

Both definitions are included in the medical diagnosis of ADHD.

My Story

In Highschool, I played baseball, basketball, and football. Over my 4 years of Highschool, I was diagnosed with 2 severe concussions from football injuries. Both concussions really messed me up to the point where I could not leave a dark room for longer than a few hours without getting a headache.

Following the concussions, my eating habits changed, my sleep pattern totally flipped, and my mood/mindset plummeted. I became very depressed over the years because of it, always causing me to feel awkward in public, and very anti-social.

After Highschool, during my sophomore year of college, I finally needed answers. My Doctor diagnosed me with ADHD and prescribed me adderall. IT HELPED!


How Adderall helped me

Adderall changed my life. It helped me become focused again like I used to be, it helped me in my social life again, but most importantly finally put my brain in the right state of mind.

My first 2 years of college were hell. I failed tests, skipped class, quit baseball, and NEVER went out. I was lost in my own mind. Everywhere I went, I felt people were staring at me, everything I did I felt I was being judged. I hated school, I hated my dorm, I hated myself.

After I start taking my adderall, everything changed for the better. I started doing great in school, I started becoming more social with friends again, and I also joined the baseball team again. Two years later, I have a Bachelors Degree in Sociology, a Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice, All-American Baseball Player, and the best friends/girlfriend I can ever dream of.




Let me make this clear, I am not trying to tell everybody in the world that adderall will change their lives and make them successful magically. I am trying to reach out to the people with the same story as myself who can not concentrate, hate being around people, and have ZERO motivaiton to do anything everyday. These are the people I am trying to get through to. People just like me who have all of the tools to become successful in life, but just need that little extra assistance because our brains do not work the way everybody else’s does. It is not embarrasing to ask for help, trust me. I was the type of person who would NEVER ask for help, I would always just assume that I was lazy. But we are NOT lazy, our brains are “lazy” compared to everybody else. Help yourself by getting help and I promise you will never regret it. Being diagnosed with ADD/ADHD may sound terrible, but if you truly have it, Adderall will take your life back to amazing again!

Comment if you have ANY questions for myself about ADD/ADHD and how I handle it everyday! I love to try and help!


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    • Thank you! And Goodluck with everything, I wish nothing but good vibes headed your way! Make sure to stay hydrated while taking the adderall, I’ve noticed that has helped me the most throughout the years!


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