My First Cruise!

Hello world, I am writing this just as I get back to my room on the Royal Caribbean, Anthem of the Seas Cruise! Let me first start with, I HIGHLY recommend going on a cruise if you never have before. If you are like me, I have never been on a cruise in my life, nevermind go outside of the Country, and it has honestly been the best week of my life! Not only was it my first cruise, but it was also my first time REALLY getting to put my GoPro to use! I have only used it a few other times for some quick videos, but I was so excited to finally get to capture good footage of beautiful islands and Countries!

If you were wondering, I currently have the GoPro Hero 5 Black and it is SO easy to use. I bought it for myself as a birthday gift a few months back on Amazon, and do not regret it one bit. I bought it once the price dropped down to $299.99 becuase you really can’t put a price on the memories it records for me! If you would like to take a quick look for yourself and purchase a great way to remember your favorite times, you can so right here: Amazon.comGoProHero5Black

Anthem of the Seas!

First off, I can not even describe to you how big the ship is! I was in awe when we arrived in New Jersey at the port and saw the ship floating in the water. The ship had a total of 16 floors, multiple restaurants, TONS of bars, shops, and SALES! I was seriously in heaven all week. Every single day there is something to do on the ship whether it was rock climbing, bumper cars, the pool, bars (Drinking package WOO!), Casino, and did I mention the food?! All you can eat food 24/7, all you can drink 24/7, and 24/7 room service! You will never be bored on the ship, I promise you… and that was only the beginning! Check out some of these awesome photos I took (not even edited!) while finally using the GoPro Hero 5 Black!



Our first stop of the vacation was beautiful Bermuda! Once we docked in Bermuda, we took a short taxi over to Horseshoe Bay. Pink sand on the beaches, the bluest water you will EVER see in your life, and 85 degree weather! Bermuda was 100% the best island I have ever been to in my life (and first LOL)…but in all seriousness, it was amazing. They had everything you can possibly think of to do although it was rather expensive (#1 most expensive place in the world to live). While on the beach, you can climb up the rock faces, jump off the cliffs if you dare, or just relax on the pink sand with a cocktail! I highly recommend visiting Bermuda if you have the chance because it was easily the best beach I have ever been on in my life! I really enjoyed being able to take the GoPro in the ocean (100% waterproof) to get some awesome photos, and then of course the rocks/cliffs were breathtaking! I was skeptical about using the GoPro floating handgrip    at first, but the minute I took it in the ocean, it was VERY clear that the GoPro will never sink haha. It floats to the top of the water like a balloon when you drop it in! Check out some of the awesome memories I was able to capture while using it.img_6525img_6489GOPR0668 copyGOPR0683-1

 St. Maarten

The second Island that we visited was St. Maarten. Just like at Bermuda, St. Maarten had beautiful beaches. We stayed on the beach for hours doing everything from laying in the sun to ripping the jet ski. Once again, I was excited to use the GoPro at another island to capture more amazing memories, and I now will never forget them! The only thing I can complain about the camera is the battery life. I love that it takes awesome photos and videos but the battery dies within 3-4 hours UGH! I am only exaggerating, it really wasn’t the end of the world because I did my research before the trip and learned to pick up an extra battery or 2. I bought 2 GoPro Official batteries on for cheap! Check out how the footage from St. Maarten came out.GOPR0719.JPGGOPR0707-2.jpgGOPR0725.jpg

San Juan, Puerto Rico

San Juan was the third place that we docked at. San Juan has beaches also but we just decided to hit the shops and walk around the city/town to see everything. It was BEAUTIFUL, all old buildings and structures to see and shop at. There was little stores on every single corner that you can find, and had tons of cool souvenirs and things to buy. Puerto Rico was our shortest amount of time on the island out of all 4 places, but within a few hours we were able to shop and eat in plenty of time! Look how beautiful it was! Once again, just like the all of the other photos on this blog, all pictures were taken using my new GoPro Hero 5 Black



Labadee, Haiti

Labadee, Haiti was our last and final visit of the Caribbean Cruise. It definitely ended our vacation with a bang because Haiti is such an awesome place! The beach was awesomeeeeeee. Palm trees all over, bright blue water, and of course the worlds longest zip line over the ocean! Once we got on the beach, there was a HUGE buffet for everybody on the island and the food was amazinggg. This was the perfect place for me to use the GoPro because of the scenery and also because the Cruise ship was docked at a perfect spot! I still can not get over how amazing all of my photos came out throughout the trip. It was my first true test of the camera and I was honestly trying to put it through every test possible and I can not even find 1 bad picture to post?! This little thing blows my mind, I really might buy another one just to have for extra angels because they really are not that CRAZY expensive. Take a look at the views I captured during my day in Labadee, Haiti. GOPR0759-4GOPR0760-1GOPR0766-2DCIM100GOPROGOPR0752.JPG

Caribbean Cruise Final Thoughts

This was such an easy blog post to write because the photos speak for themselves! Royal Caribbean Anthem of the Seas cruise vacation was 1000% the best 9 days of my life. There was never a moment when I was bored, never a moment when I was hungry and could not get something to eat, and there was never a moment when I wanted to leave! If any of you are interested in going on a cruise, I highly recommend doing so. This was only my first cruise I have ever been on, but I can promise you that it will not be my last! I think I am officially addicted to traveling and seeing the world!

GoPro Hero 5 Black Final Thoughts

Let me first start with this, I usually never like to promote products or try to get anybody to buy anything because I never want to have a follower purchase something I recommend and hate it! This will not be the case if you invest in a nice GoPro camera for yourself. I have been reading and researching them for about a year now and finally broke down to buy one and the only regret I have is that I have waited this long! The little thing is SO easy to use, even my mom had an easy time operating it haha. It is all touchscreen, very few settings to even work with because it is just that good, and is the least confusing camera I have every used. All you do is aim, press record, and forget about it! Overall, I highly recommend picking up a GoPro Hero 5 Black if you have not already because the memories that you capture with it will last a lifetime! Click HERE to purchase GoPro Hero 5 Black now and get a FREE EXTRA BATTERY!


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  1. What an amazing experience with Caribbean Cruise. I heard so much story about this cruise and really thought I should give it a go at least once. I have done other cruise many years ago but much smaller than Caribbean Cruise.

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  2. Your trip looked like a lot of fun. I’m a person who gets very sea sick, so i’ve been avoiding the experience, but my wife really wants to go on one, so I might just have to bite the bullet and go.

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  3. Congrats on your first cruise! They are so much fun. Next on your bucketlist — a DISNEY cruise! (Like a regular cruise only… 1000x more amazing lol)

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  4. I have never been in any cruises but definitely I would love too. That one is so beautiful and it looks like a wonderful cruise for you.


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