How I transformed into a Professional Baseball Player

The best feeling in the world is being able to finally say “I Did it”. Finally being able to pursue your dream while watching your future unfold right in front of your eyes. Today, I finally get to say I did it.

Today, I accepted to play Professional Baseball in Puerto Rico this winter (January 5 – February 8) in hopes of signing a contract with an MLB Organization for Spring Training in March! It has been a day I have been dreaming about for years, always stressing myself out debating if I was good enough or not; It killed me not knowing.

Screen Shot 2018-08-30 at 3.34.00 PM.png

Now that I FINALLY know my path in life, and I am committed to it 100%, I honestly feel the biggest weight ever lifted off of my shoulders. I no longer need to stress about whether or not I will make it, I no longer need to lose sleep at night wondering about if I could have done more, and most importantly I finally feel like all of the hard work I have been putting in over years and started to pay off. Don’t give up on your goals people… I know a lot of people or websites can say all of this stuff and “motivate” you to get shit done, but do they ever really work? No, we just read the stuff and think “that doesn’t relate to me” or “that will never happen for me”.



I am here to tell you guys that it really could happen… Take it from somebody who went to a Highschool that graduated with 108 kids. Take it from somebody who went to a small Division 3 College in Pennsylvania and was always laughed at for trying to pursue a career in baseball. Take it from me.. If you truly want something in life, and you KNOW that you will do whatever it takes to achieve it, I promise you that you will one day be face to face with your dream.

I’ve had so many failures throughout my baseball career, but all that they seem to keep doing is making me stronger mentally and physically. Life is never going to be easy man, there is always going to be bumps in the road that leads to your dream. Shit, sometimes theres collapsed bridges in the road that leads to your dream, but what makes the dream worth while, is getting past those bumps in the road… finding another way around that collapsed bridge. Anything that you can do to keep moving forward towards your dream, do it because you will never get these opportunities again.

TODAY is day 1 of the rest of my life. Starting today, my mind set is going to be so crazy, you guys will be laughing. My work ethic is going to be so intense, you guys are going to be asking why. My motivation is going to be so locked in, you guys will be begging for the key! Run with me on my journey as I continue to pursue my dream of playing Professional Ball on TV one day, meanwhile posting how I do it every single day. My mindset is going to be 100% focused on getting fully healthy, fully fit, and fully mentally ready to move to Puerto Rico on January 4th to dominate. It’s all about your mindset, you have to believe you are the best in order to one day be the best.

Screen Shot 2018-08-30 at 3.45.29 PM.png


If you would like to know about my Baseball training, gym workouts, or how I have been at 10% body fat for the past 2 years, then I have to give credit to Jillian Michaels. Jillian Michaels is the foremost fitness expert in the world and a renowned life coach.


Committed to helping people to be the best versions of themselves and to live their happiest and healthiest lives, Michaels has dominated the health and wellness space with hit televisions shows, extensively successful fitness DVDs, the foremost exercise streaming platform, 8 New York Times best-selling books, an award-winning podcast, live speaking engagements, her App that provides personal training and nutrition plans, popular social media channels and her personal website Through her platforms, she has built an international community of followers 100 million + strong.



Furthering her commitment to help as many people as possible, Jillian’s current projects include the re-launch of, a re-engineered app allowing users to train with Jillian both in preset and dynamic workouts, as well as a “Private Club” for members to stream live workout sessions with her; the Jillian Michaels app to provide over 50 personalized workout and nutrition plans with more content consistently added; FitFusion, considered the “Netflix” of fitness for its compilation of the best trainers and workouts

I definitely recommend checking her App out in the Appstore and try a 7-Day FREE trial of her program; If you don’t like it just cancel at any time! My favorite part of the whole App is the how she creates a Meal Plan for you. Also, it helps that every single workout is made for a specific goal, and how-to videos for every exercise! Even if you are not serious about working out, I still reccomend giving it a try if you would like to just stay fit, or maybe give the booty a little extra oomph!


Your Turn

So now that I have told you guys what the future has in store for me, and how I plan to get after it, now it is your turn! Get up and get moving towards your dreams guys… you will never regret it I promise you. I wanted to quit sooooo many times over the years, but I kept telling myself that “one day” it will be worth it.. one day… one day. If you think about it, everything in life happens in one day. You will get started towards your goal one day, you will get everything you want in life one day, you will be successful at your job one day, but ONLY if you make every day count.

Screen Shot 2018-08-30 at 3.38.37 PM

Stop worrying about everybody else and what everybody else will think and just do it already. Get up and do it. Wait until you see how happy you will be in life when you are working towards your goal and pursuing your dream! I mean hey, I did. Why can’t you?

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