How to get more out of Water!

Hello to all of my Motivated followers! I hope you are all having a great day and accomplishing all of your weekly goals you set out this week. It’s such a great feeling being able to complete the goals you set for yourself, especially when you know you earned it!

If you do not know, or if you have not read my recent blog post “How I transformed into a Professional Baseball Player“, I have been training everyday to get ready for my Professional Baseball career to begin in Puerto Rico on January 5th! I am very excited to be putting the hard work in, and pushing my body everyday to its limits. The biggest factor that plays a role nowadays for myself is keeping my body in tip-top shape so it can perform at the best of its ability. Look good, Feel good, Play good!


Hydration is Key

In order to take care of my body and stay healthy, that means HYDRATION! Hydration is key fellas. Your body is over 60% water, you need to keep it that way to feel good! You may not think that something as tiny as drinking WATER can give you huge benefits, but you are wrong! Drinking 8 cups of water every single day helps with:

  1. Increase your metabolism
  2. Flush out Toxins
  3. Get your skin healthier
  4. Reduce risks of certain cancers
  5. Helps digestion
  6. Helps constipation
  7. Relieves fatigue


Antioxidant Water- On the Go

You already drink water, why not make the most of it?

Yesterday I did something great. Being that I am a Professional Athlete, and need to get my body into the best shape possible, I decided to partner up with the KOR Plus Bottle + Filter Subscription. The KOR+ filter system purifies and infuses regular water with electrolytes and molecular hydrogen (a powerful antioxidant), while also raising pH up to an alkaline 9+ to enrich your body everyday!

KOR Water has been bringing sustainable hydration to the masses since 2008. After focusing so long on design, they wanted to find a way to enhance everyday water and KOR+ was born.

Screen Shot 2018-09-04 at 1.33.36 PM.png

Screen Shot 2018-09-04 at 1.32.59 PM.png
KOR+ is super water on-the-go. It’s a revolutionary bottle + filter system that provides antioxidant support for better fitness, recovery, and everyday health. Customers join the subscription program on their first purchase of the bottle and filter, and then receive a fresh filter every 30 days from then on for $15 a month! Customers can cancel anytime


The KOR+ filter, made from coconut shells infused with molecular hydrogen. That means it not only removes impurities but also adds antioxidant inducing elements and electrolytes like potassium, magnesium, and calcium to keep you properly hydrated.

Screen Shot 2018-09-04 at 1.39.47 PM.png

Molecular Hydrogen

Also known as H2, is a superhero that has the unique ability to turn on your body’s internal antioxidant system. It’s also the smallest known molecule and because of its size, can travel to places other molecules can only dream of. Each sip of hydrogen-infused water helps you neutralize free radicals like the old school video game Pac- Man gobbles up dots!


When KOR+ water combines with existing antioxidants in the body it’s almost like having super powers to fight off infection and disease. These antioxidant powers attack free radicals to keep them from setting up house in your body. So drink up and send them on their way!


Bananas, milk, and nuts. Almost. KOR+ adds potassium, calcium, and magnesium as you sip – all without calories! These minerals go to work in your body activating muscles and regulating fluids. Did someone say exercise?


Leafy greens and vegetables are part of a healthy alkaline diet. So is KOR+. As hydrogen (H2) is created, the pH of the water is also raised to an alkaline level of 9+. KOR+ helps your body restore balance by neutralizing acid in the bloodstream and increasing metabolism – all without eating brussels sprouts!


Screen Shot 2018-09-04 at 1.40.45 PM.png

Sign up now to receive your water bottle AND first month’s filter for $30 (shipping included)! You will be able to get the hydration you need everyday along with the added benefits of Super Water! Also, you will never need to remember to change your filter, because they will send a NEW filter to your doorstep every month for $15. You can cancel 100% anytime online if you are unhappy, and there is a 100% money back guaranteed! Don’t miss out on this awesome Water bottle and filter before the prices skyrocket! Also, since I love helping my followers (my main goal), I want to give you guys 20% off! Use my code MEM20 at checkout and get 20% off your total order! Thanks for reading guys, take a leap and use less than 50 cents per day to keep your body feeling great and getting the most out of your life! Remember, a Motivated Mindset is a Winning Mindset!


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