Let Me Motivate You

Happy Wednesday my friends, Blessed for another day! Life has been awesome lately; I just started my new job on Monday doing some office busy work to earn some extra money before I go to Puerto Rico in January. I am sorry I have not posted any motivation for you all lately, I have been so busy with work this week while also trying to better myself everyday. I have only worked for THREE days so far, but I have learned soooo much from working around people with such great work ethic.

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What have I learned?

I have learned that no matter how small the job is to be done, take it serious. It only takes 1 small mistake to create a larger effect down the road. For example, I was doing some file work putting the names in alphabetical order, workers notes, blah blah blah. Do you know how hard it is to find a name in alphabetical order if the file is not in EXACT alphabetical order?! The smallest mistake (1 file out of 1500) has such an impact in the larger picture.

What am I trying to say?

I’m trying to tell you that you may not think one day or one choice can change your life, but it CAN. One small moment can change your life completely, but only if you let it. Theres going to be that 1 voice in your head that keeps saying “don’t even try”, “that’s impossible”, or even “quit”, BUT this is when your life can change. In this ONE MOMENT, you can decide it’s not impossible, I SHOULD try, I WONT quit! It literally only takes 1 second to tell yourself to get it done…Listen.


Thank you all, I hope your Wednesday was as great as mine. If you do not feel that your day was amazing, change your way of thinking.. not your way of life!

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