Home Garage Gym in the making…

Good afternoon all! I hope you are enjoying some amazing October playoff baseball, or whatever makes ya happy 🙂 So I have this new big idea I am trying out and I’m looking for some support/help.

I’m creating a small gym/baseball workout area in my garage so I can train all winter! Obviously it doesn’t look like much, but today I JUST started clearing out the junk. Soooo many tires! I plan on getting rid of everything on the whole left side, and putting nice matted flooring in there.

Today is only day 1, but stay tuned with me to watch the new gym grow from my small garage! Whatever you set your mind to, you can achieve. I’ve never built a birdhouse, never mind a home gym in a garage, but I am DETERMINED to become the best athlete I can. I am willing to spend a week or two creating something I have no idea how to, because in the end it doesn’t matter how great the gym is, what matters is the work that went into it!

Enjoy the night friends 🙂

Day 1


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